Los Santos de Maimona

Sierra de los Olivos

Monumentos Naturales

The Sierra de los Olives range is located within the municipal area of Los Santos de Maimona in an area that belongs to several listed habitats of Community Interest, in particular the “Psuedo-steppe with grasses and annuals of the Thero-Brachypodietea” and the “Calcareous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation” habitat.

The most important specimens today comprise the populations of orchids, several species of which are listed in the Regional Catalogue of Endangered Species of Extremadura, such as Orchis papilionacea and Orchis italica. It is also possible to find other important species such as Colutea hispanica, a food plant for the Lolana iolas butterfly, which is listed in the “vulnerable” category in the Regional Catalogue of Endangered Species of Extremadura.

In 2014, this area was accordingly listed as the Sierra de los Olivos Site of Special Scientific Interest, occupying an area of 53.09 hectares.