Los Santos de Maimona

Sierra de los Ángeles-Cerro del Castillo

Monumentos Naturales

Called Cerro del Castillo (Castle Hill) due to the existence of a medieval castle on this hill, its real name would actually be Sierra de Los Angeles, although nobody calls it that. It is the highest and most rugged area in the locality, rising 646 metres above sea level and 100 metres above the surrounding terrain and boasting Chalcolithic settlements. It is located in the Sierra de Los Santos chain, but clearly stands out in the landscape. A large part of the surrounding land can be seen from the hilltop, which would have made it a magnificent site for settlement.

There are no rivers nearby, but there are natural wells in cavities located on the hill itself, which the older folk of the town have often spoken of. They say that if you throw a stone inside one of the hollows, you can hear the typical splash as it enters into contact with water. These openings are nowadays closed off, destroyed by the explosions employed to extract stone from the nearby quarry.

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