Medina de las Torres

Hermitage of the Most Holy Christ of the Humilladero

Patrimonio Religioso

Built in the 18th century, it corresponds to the characteristic model of popular-religious architecture in the region.

Small in size and facing west, it consists of a porch and a nave covered by several vaults that are framed by transversal arches. At the head, covered by a small dome, there is a stone altar where, through a trefoil arch, we can admire the image of the Most Holy Christ of the Humilladero, a carving of incomparable beauty.

The value of this hermitage lies not only in the purity of its typology but also in the manifest devotional commitment.

The legend says that in Zafra they asked a master sculptor from Huelva to carve three images: a crucifixion and two Virgins. When they were being taken by cart from where they had been made, in Medina de las Torres, at the crossroads of Atalaya with Valencia, they decided to stop and rest. After a short break, they went on until, after they went past the castle and the road became level, the oxen transporting the image of the crucifixion knelt down. However much they tried to pull them, they achieved nothing. The oxen wouldn’t move. After many attempts, all failures, they understood that the image wanted to stay there, and for that reason they built a hermitage. Since then, many faithful go to see that image of the crucifixion, the Most Holy Christ of the Humilladero, that one day came to stay in the heart of all the inhabitants of Medina.


Free guided visits if reserved in advance at the Town Hall.

Free entry to the monument Monday to Friday from 16.00 to 18.00 (winter) and from 18.00 to 22.00 (summer). Weekends: open all day.

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