Baños de Montemayor

St Catherine’s Church

Patrimonio Religioso

St Catherine’s Church was built in the 15th century with granite masonry plastered with lime, using ashlars in the doors and windows, corners and buttresses.

It has a single nave. The head is square and a rectangular bell-tower is next to it.

The south door is a simple round arch with a moulding, framed by an alfiz. The coat of arms of the Duke of Béjar can be seen on both sides of it.

The most outstanding element of the church is the main altar, the only one that has been preserved. Its architecture, in an elegant Renaissance style (16th century) is divided into three parts, distributed into three lanes and two between-lanes, where sculptures alternate with panel paintings, although paintings predominate. The iconography represents two cycles: the main one tells the story of Christ’s life and a secondary one narrates the martyrdom of the saint that the church is dedicated to.

The church is now the Municipal Auditorium.