Route Passport


The Route Passport is a promotional and one-person card that allows travelers who present it to obtain discounts and frees in collaborating establishments in some municipalities associated with the Network of Cooperation of Cities on the Silver Route, and participate in an annual draw.

Travellers wishing to obtain a passport only have to apply at the tourist offices of the municipalities members of the Network for the Cooperation of Cities on the Silver Route or cover the form hosted on our website and, in a few days, they will receive it free of charge, at the postal address provided.

The passport can be sealed in the town halls and tourist offices attached to the Network of Cooperation of Cities on the Silver Route (see list at the end of the passport), and in the collaborating companies. Stamps from other establishments will also be valid, provided that the name of the box/locality being sealed appears in them. As an exception, the Provincial Council of Cáceres has a single valid stamp, indicated on the passport.

The passport does not expire.

Discounts and/or free discounts apply only to passport holders.

Discounts will always be subject to availability, booking in advance and directly with each of the partner companies, and notifying you that you are a passport holder.


Each year, at the end of January, a draw is held among all those who send a copy of their passport with stamps of at least 10 municipalities members of the Network of Cooperation of Cities on the Silver Route.

Prizes are indivisible and cannot be redeemed under any circumstances for money.

All prizes must be enjoyed within the year in which they have been drawn.

Whoever obtains stamps from all associated municipalities will automatically receive a diploma and an award.

To qualify for the awards and diploma is

Shipping Options:

  • To the postal address: Network of Cooperation of Cities on the Route of the Silver. C/ Cabrales 82. 33201 Gijón;
  • To email:

– Silver Route Passport Awards – Draw January 2020

– Collaborating Companies