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With the creation of the Route Passport,the Cooperation Network contacts travelers with establishments wishing to offer discounts on their products and services.
The establishments that offer the discounts are advertised by the Cooperation Network through all its promotional channels. This promotion has been in effect since January 2013.

How can Establishments participate?

Establishments wishing to participate in this promotion by offering discounts and/or free of charge must meet the following requirements:

  • Be based in one of the associated municipalities. To find out which municipalities are associated, click here
  • Cover a questionnaire. To access the questionnaire, click here.
  • Complete successfully and submit the type collaboration agreement. To download the Collaboration Agreement, click here.
  • Choose, in that agreement, the type of establishment and how you wish to participate in the promotion.

Once the agreement has been completed, it must be printed in order to be signed and sealed by the person responsible for the establishment.
Once signed, the agreement must be sent to the Office of Management of the Network of Cooperation of Cities on the Silver Route by post to:

NETWORK OF COOPERATION OF CITIES ON THE SILVER ROUTE C / Cabrales no 82. Palm House. 33201 Gijón, or scanned to

The company will not be registered as a collaborating establishment in the promotion of the Passport of the Route or the Moto Via Card until the agreement duly completed and signed and stamped by the person responsible for it is sent.

What does the cooperation network offer participating companies?

  1. Participating companies will appear on the web,, geolocated on google and with their contact and logo details for the duration of the promotion. See here.
  2. They appear related in a PDF that will be updated periodically.
  3. Information and notes on the promotion will be published in different media and advertising media.

Type of companies

  • Accommodations (all typologies): Minimum discount 10 on bar rate (best available rate) on accommodation, at the time of booking.
  • Restoration: Promotion or discount at the choice of the establishment.
  • Shops, health and beauty: Minimum discount 10.
  • Cultural and leisure spaces: Promotion or discount at the choice of the establishment.
  • Tourist services: Promotion or discount at the choice of the establishment.
  • Parkings: Minimum discount 10.
  • Repair Workshops: Minimum discount 10

* (These discounts can be extended and supplemented with those promotions that each establishment or tourist service deems appropriate)


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