The Via de la Plata Route

La Asociación

The Network of Cooperation of Cities on the Silver Route is a voluntary association constituted by cities located on the so-called Via de la Plata Route and in its area of influence, for joint action in the defense and promotion of its tourist, historical, cultural and economic resources.The main objective pursued by this association is to publicize the tourist resources of the populations that make up it, while revaluing the many attractions that the Via de la Plata Route represents for its variety and breadth.

This association has full and public legal personality and is open to the incorporation of new members.

The Network of Cooperation of Cities on the Silver Route began its journey in April 1997 with the   signing, by the   mayors of Gijón, León, Zamora, Salamanca, Cáceres and Seville,of the statutes that govern it.

Over the years different locations have been joined   on the itinerary. Currently, the municipalities of 28 municipalities (see listing) and the Diputación de Cáceres are part of the Cooperation Network.


Castilla y León



The Via de la Plata Route is based on a traditional communication axis of the Spanish West. Today it is a rich and varied itinerary, which has several World Heritage cities and represents a cultural and tourist potential of the first order in the Iberian Peninsula and in the European Union.

This itinerary runs through 4 regions and 7 provinces on a north-south axis of 800 km and more than 100,000 km2, with strong links with neighboring Portugal. It offers the possibility of responsibly using a very important cultural and natural heritage.