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En moto por la N-630.

More and more bikers are taking the N-630… do you feel like discovering it?

If you are planning to travel along the Vía de la Plata Route, we offer you several completely free publications that will help you when preparing your motorcycle trip.

Portada de la Guía Ruta Vía de la Plata en moto.BIKING PUBLICATIONS

GUIDE TO THE VÍA DE LA PLATA ROUTE BY MOTORCYCLE OR SCOOTER. The ‘Guide Ruta Via de la Plata on motorbikes’ was officially presented in 2019 in “La Leyenda Continues”, one of the most important winter rallies in Europe. A 64-page interactive publication in full colour illustrated with numerous photographs of the Route, made by and for bikers. In addition to tourist information on the towns through which this attractive route passes, the guide includes maps, suggestions to make the most of the tour, notes on gastronomy, links of interest and information on motorbike events that take place in the towns along the Route. The guide is also available in english.

MEMBER ESTABLISHMENTS. MEMBER ESTABLISHMENTS. A brief, quick reference guide (five pages with addresses and interactive links of interest) so that you always have at hand the list of hotels, restaurants and tourist centres affiliated to the “Motorbike Friendly” product club. .

LEAFLET. An easy-to-use, practical reference guide, containing summaries of 4 suggested rides (one for each autonomous community, with QR codes to download tracks to your mobile phone), maps and tourist resources on the Route. . 2020 edition.

MOTORBIKE FRIENDLY INFORMATIVE FLYER. The Cooperation Network has also made an information flyer distributed in moteras concentrations, presenting the collective with the Motorbike Friendly initiative. You can download it at this link.

17 ITINERARIES ALONG THE ROUTE. Discover the Vía de la Plata Route on your motorbike or scooter via this selection of 17 rides created by bikers for the competition on the Hello Riders on-line platform.

Sigue los tracks de navegación por la ruta.MAPS & TRACKS

FULL ITINERARY. Download the full itinerary of the Via de la Plata Route. Here you can find our proposals for the north-south and south-north itineraries.

Gijón – Seville Track

Seville – Gijón Track

THE ROUTE BY AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES. One of the major attractions of the Route is that it admits numerous variants, as there are many attractive destinations and spots for those travelling by motorbike or scooter. Our proposals are intended to serve as your starting point, bringing together places and resources that we consider very interesting on the same route… but don’t forget to keep your GUIDE at hand so as not to lose out on any detail along the Route!

Andalucía Track
Extremadura Track
Castile and León Track
Asturias track (+ track variant)

MAPPING. Vector maps with the ridesthat we have designed in each of the four autonomous communities through which the N-630 passes.

If you would like complement this specific information with other generic guidebooks and maps on the Route, we invite you to check out the online publications you can find here.