The Walking Route


The stage begins in Manuel Llaneza street that flows into the   La Perra bridge.

On the other side of the bridge is the Gonzalín neighborhood. From there we walk three kilometers along the river promenade next to the Caudal river until we reach the bridge in front of Santullano/Villarejo in El Encauce street.

We crossed the bridge to reach the AS-242 again.

The route runs along the AS-242 road in a southerly direction, passing next to the   doriga barracks.

We pass through Figaredo and continue next to the barracks until we reach the industrial buildings of Valdeoreyo, next to Collanzo.

At this point, we will take the detour to the right marked B.S.S. Salvador / Collanzo / Oriella, leaving on the left the urban group of Collanzo, by the road LN-1 (indication towards Carabanzo). We continue the road to Sovilla and at the fork we will take the branch on the left towards La Collá / Valdeciegu / El Cantu.

The LN-1 road inherits the ancient trace of the Roman road in its ascent towards the town of Carabanzo, approximately 2.3 kilometers from this junction.

This section ends in the urban center of Carabanzo, specifically in   Palacio de los Faes,a 17th-century construction of which only the tower remains, currently in ruins.