The Walking Route


From the winter park in La Bolgachina (Oviedo), the Route begins ascent along the street of Armando Collar, which takes us directly to the Bolgachina road. Once there, we crossed the underpass under the A-66 and followed the road to the village El Caserón (at the height of number 113).

In the village El Caserón we pass the crossroads and continue straight towards El Medio. Once we cross this place we reach Los Barredos street, which will be left as we advance towards the village Los Prietos.

We continue along the road in a southerly direction until we reach, after several curves, El Cagigal. Here the road passes between a hórreo and a hamlet, and the route begins a significant descent until reaching the morente stream.

After the creek, the road forks. We take the branch on the left; a few meters, on the right, we will see a small path. We ascend through it until we reach the town of San Miguel.

We cross San Miguel and continue along the road to the south, in the direction of La Venta del Aire, which we will cross by the main road towards Picullanza or Pico de Lanza.

At the exit of this town, we take the branch that leaves on the left. This part of the route, largely cobbled, coincides with the Camino de Santiago.

We go all the way to the road, which we will continue until we reach a large building: Centro Reto. There, we take the small path that goes on the right and descends down the hillside until we reach the area of El Portazgo.

In El Portazgo we resume the AS-242 road to cross the Nalón River towards the town of Olloniego.

After crossing below the AS-116, on the right hand side of the road, we find the Olloniego bridge next to the tower and the palace; where the Silver Way originally passed.

In Olloniego ends this section of the Route. On Avenida Príncipe de Asturias there is a bus stop (Line L).