The Walking Route


The third stage of the route begins next to the Ronda Oeste which is located next to the Carrefour Azabache Shopping Center taking the direction towards Santa Rosa by the LL-4 road.

To overcome the silver highway (A-66) we cross it below through an underground tunnel that flows into El Fonciello. Without deviating, we continue the path until we reach a new underpass under the AS-17 motorway. As we leave this tunnel we follow a dirt track parallel to the highway itself in a wester direction. We head towards the overpass on the train tracks and towards the industrial ships of the El Castro industrial estate (we will leave them on the left) until we reach the first paved street within the polygon.

Once we have walked along this street, we turn right until we reach Pérez de Ayala street, where we continue until we reach Conde de Santa Barbara Avenue. Crossing this one, we reach Torner Street, which we travel completely until we reach the next one, El Carballo street. Leaving El Sucu street on the right, we take the next detour on the right, passing over the AS-2 and heading back towards the train tracks, which we crossed through the overpass. On the right, a fork takes us to the old bridge of Lugones.

Crossing the bridge, the route runs along the river Nora until you reach the junction of this road with the AS-266, next to a gas station. We take this route in the direction of Oviedo. We continue the road until we reach a roundabout, where we will take the third exit. We continue along Molín la Casuca street until the next roundabout, where we take the first exit and continue successively through the streets Fuente de la Braña, Cardinal Alvarez Martínez and Maestro Don Marciano until the second roundabout. We take the third exit and continue along Aguamiera street, which ends at another roundabout. We continue the route through the first exit: Julio Alvarez Mendo street, which we travel to its end in a new roundabout.

The third exit of this last roundabout leads to Avenida Roma. The next roundabout on the left, Luxembourg street that we travel to the end: the avenue of Athens, which we cross to, leaving on the right the Los Prados Shopping Center, reach Dr. Francisco Grande Covián street. At the bottom of it and turning on the left we continue along General Sabino Fernández Campo street, arriving at the park that presides over the church of Santullano (San Julián de Los Prados). Leaving this on the right hand side, we continue next to the A-66 motorway until we reach a zebra crossing pass that crosses it and flows into Víctor Chávarri street. From this point, the tour can be made by different variants, depending on the places you want to visit:

  • Option 1
    • Martinez Vigil
    • St Vincent
    • Canonical
    • San Antonio
    • Cimadevilla
    • Magdalena
    • Leopoldo Alas
  • Option 2
    • Martinez Vigil
    • Jovellanos
    • Avila
    • Alfonso I el Castro Square
    • Rúa
    • Cimadevilla
    • Magdalena
    • Archbishop Guisasola

In Option 2,we can make a small detour taking Alfonso III el Magno street from Victor Chávarri street to, in just 350 meters, visit La Foncalada,a source of drinking water built by order of the Asturian king Alfonso III in General Elorza street, 56.

In both options the route flows into Padre Suárez street, at its confluence with Postigo Alto street. Walking this on its ascent to the end (Obispo Guisasola street) -in the Ronda de Oviedo-, we reached a new roundabout. We continue straight on the AS-242 road or Street of San Lázaro, we take the first street on the right (Gil Blas street) and the next on the left (Hevia Bolaños street) that continues on Armando Collar street or La Bolgachina road.

Before reaching the point where the street passes under the A-66 motorway, we find the Winter Park,the end of the third stage and the beginning of the next.