The Walking Route


The second stage begins in Venta de la Puga (here you can get here using the bus company ALSA through the stop service Gijón-Oviedo / Oviedo–Gijón. Check prices and schedules in

When boarding the bus, you must expressly ask the driver to stop at Venta de la Puga. This is located between La Venta del Jamón and La Tejera).

The Sale of the Puga is one of the historically significant points of the Via de la Plata Route in the Asturian section, given the very antiquity of the Sale.

The old road disappeared during the construction of the AS-II motorway, so to continue our itinerary we must use the overpass on the highway.

Once the overpass is crossed, the road enters the Carbaínos neighborhood towards Peñaferruz, until reaching a fork. We take the right branch in the direction of the Sale of the Rodriguera, which we reach after a slight repecho.

Since the Sale of the Rodriguera, we continue to ascend south towards La Llosa, where you can enjoy views over the coastal rasa and the old castle of Curiel in Peñaferruz(High Middle Ages – THIRTEENth century).

From this place the path begins a gentle descent towards the area known as Castro’s place. There two zigzags of steep slope ascent are generated until reaching the pruvian council. The second of these zigzags is coincidental, in part, with the SI-4 road, which takes advantage of the width of the old road.

ATTENTION: dangerous stretch

Before reaching the core of Santa Eulalia, in a farm to the right of the road, remains of the width of the old road are preserved.

Within Santa Eulalia, a small road descends in the direction of the urbanization of Soto de Llanera, by a fairly steep slope that gives access to one side of the urbanization. Bordering this we reach the south exit towards the Granda area.

We follow the branch on the left hand side of the road that leaves the urbanization. This stretch of road runs along the stream of La Granda, which we will reach after a steep slope and a closed curve on the right. After this, a fork appears; we will take the branch on the left towards THE AS-266, already in the council of Siero.

ATTENTION: This section runs next to a large concrete wall and there are no maples on the track.

Reaching AS-266 in the area of El Ferrero, we follow the road south until we reach the side of the urbanization of La Fresneda and the Carrefour Azabache Shopping Center. The second stage is terminated at this point (LL-4 street). Several bus lines (ALSA-Centro Comercial Azabache and Les Cabañes) converge here.

The next stage begins by taking the direction towards Santa Rosa.