The Walking Road

The Walking Road

Leyenda Ruta de la Plata

What is a GR or Grand Tour?

A GR or Gran Recorrido is the name that the trails of tourist and landscape interest receive whose walking tour requires more than a day, and a minimum length of 50 km.

In addition, the characteristics of these itineraries must make it possible to use them by most users throughout the year.
This type of trail may also have associated links, derivations and variants that will be marked with the color code of the GR.

The trails of Gran Recorrido are marked by characteristic markings consisting of a white stripe on another red that are usually painted on tree trunks, stones or on specific supports accompanied by the acronym GR.

The assignment of the numbering is the responsibility of the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME). But it is every autonomous and/or territorial federation that is responsible for the management of the trail in the stretch that runs through its territory. The approved trail is an integral part of a network of local, regional, regional and/or territorial trails and has to meet precise drawing and signage requirements.


The GR 100 Ruta Via de la Plata is largely approved and signposted:

  • In Asturias some stages are approved and signposted in their entirety.
  • In Castilla y León is approved and signposted a section in the province of Salamanca.
  • In Extremadura it is pending to homologate and signal with the brands of GR. In this region the itinerary has its own signage:
  • In Andalusia,it is pending approval and signage with GR brands. As in Castile and León, you can follow the itinerary through the signage of the Camino de Santiago.

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