Ornithology on the Route

Habitats of the Coastal Ornithological Route of Gijón

On this route you can observe 3 habitats:

Cantabrian Sea

The Cantabrian Sea is part of the Atlantic Ocean. With relatively cold and deep waters, a wind that keeps blowing hard and a pronounced swell may seem like an inhospium environment for wildlife, but appearances deceive, because the Cantabrian sea is full of flora and fauna. The importance for fishing confirms this. A large number of seabirds that breed on the coasts depend on the sea for their feeding, highlighting the gull patamarilla,the moñudo cormorant or the European paíño. The Cantabrian Sea is also important as a wintering and passing area for seabirds from the north such as gannet, tridactyl gull, shearwaters, pailes, paíños, negrones, colimbos,to name just a few.

Ribbed and flat coast:

The narrow strip where the sea and land are located is a robust and dynamic habitat. Where the force of the swell and the wind continuously hit the rocky earth, steep cliffs have formed, some more than 100 m high. Niches, shelves and cracks in these more or less vertical walls constitute the breeding substrate of the abundant yellow-wicker gull and the few European paíño and cormorant moñudo,and also of the peregrine falcon. Behind the first line extends the trowel covered in part by a dense heather mantle. It is breeding habitat of tarabillas, rkings, larks, red-backedwarbler, etc. In time of migration large bands of passerine usually take land in the rasa to rest and regain strength.

Beaches and mouths:

The cliffs on the coastline are interrupted by beaches of various kinds: sandy, gravel and rock, as well as by the mouths of small rivers such as the Piles River or the Ria de Avilés, where they form, thanks to the relentless work of the tide, sandbanks and mud (silt), rich in invertebrates. These flat, clear and quiet waterside sites usually offer optimal conditions for feeding and resting groups of seagulls, payers, terns, fumareles and waders,especially outside the breeding season.