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 La Bañeza municipality lies to the southwest of León province, 45 km from the capital.

It has a continental climate characterized by very cold winters and summer months of pleasant temperatures.
The municipality district has an area of 19, 7 km2.
The city stands on a fertile plain sprinkled by the waters of the rivers Duerna, Tuerto and Órbigo and is the head and commercial and service centre of an extensive agricultural region, the most important one of the province.
This environment offers us the possibility to enjoy a dense grove and some spacious riparian forests which allow a wide availability of natural areas, bathing and recreation areas, as well as botanical walks, sports excursions and rivers that invite to fish.
The highest point is Mount Teleno, 2,188 metres high and covered with snow almost all year round.
For more detailed information, download   La Bañeza Region map  

 How to come

The town has good road communications either by dual carriageway, through A-6, or by LE-622 road that joins La Bañeza with León and Zamora.
Alsa Bus Company Terminal provides bus connections with a good number of both national and international destinations.
As for train transport, the nearest Renfe railway stations are Astorga (21 km) and León capital city (50 km).
To travel by plane, the nearest airport is La Virgen del Camino (León) at about 40 km from which domestic and international flights are operated.

More information:

Municipal Tourisme Office, 9, Fray Diego Alonso Street. 24750 La Bañeza

Teléfono/s: +34 987 656 737

Fax: +34 987 640 449