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RIBERA DE ARRIBA is a municipality situated in the Central Mountain of Asturias bordering Oviedo to the north, east and west, Morcín and Mieres to the south, and Santo Adriano to the west. The capital of the borough is Soto de Ribera, which is the greatest centre of concentration of inhabitants, other population centres are Ferreros, Palomar, Pereda and Tellego.

The municipality has a population of 1928 inhabitants distributed in parishes. Its surface area is 21, 98 sq km.

This borough is located in a geographic area with a smooth relief in which elevations like La Peña Ultra ( 568 m ) or Pico del Gato (543 m) shelter two ample valleys by which the rivers Caudal and Nalón flow and come together in a single one in the capital of the municipality, Soto de Ribera. Finally, to mention some anecdotal data that reflects the solidarious and socially committed character of this riverside municipality, it is twinned with Daira, a Saharan village in the exile of refugee camps in Algeria.


More information:

Plaza de la Constitución, s/n - 33172 Soto de Ribera

Teléfono/s: 985 79 60 09

Fax: 985 79 72 11