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Situated on the central Asturian coast, its natural borders to the East and the West are Ñora Beach and Cape Torres, and to the North and South, the selfsame cape and the Peak of the Four Judges.

Adjoining boroughs

Villaviciosa to the east, Sariego to the southeast, Siero and Llanera to the south and Corvera and Carreño to the west.

Surface area: 181.6 sq. km.
The number of inhabitants in Gijón on the 1st January 2001 was 267,426.

Gijón is divided into twenty-five parishes; the largest and most populated being that of Gijón itself. To this are to be added: Baldornón, Bernueces, Cabueñes, Caldones, Cenero, Deva, Fano, Fresno, Granda, Huerces, Jove, Lavandera, Leorio, La Pedrera, Poago, Porceyo, Roces, Ruedes, Santurio, Serín, San Andrés de Tacones, Somió, Tremañes, Vega and Veriña.

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Teléfono/s: 985 34 17 71 / 902 013 500

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