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It is in the Southwest of the province of Badajoz, in a wide valley between the Sierra del Castellar and the Sierra San Cristóbal, with a population of nearly 15,000 and a mild climate.

Zafra is a commercial enclave, which stands out throughout its wide region. The old part of town was declared to be of Historical and Cultural Interest in 1965. Known as "Sevilla la Chica" (Little Seville), it has an estremely rich Historical and Artistic display that makes it very attractive for all the regional tourist demand. This, plus its excellent geographical situation, makes it the dynamic centre point of different activities and routes.






More information:

Plaza de España, 8b - 6300 Zafra

Teléfono/s: 924 55 10 36

Fax: 924 55 10 36