Ruta de la Plata

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To the southwest of the peninsula, in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura and more precisely, to the northwest of the capital, Cáceres. It borders on Garrovillas to the northwest, Navas del Madroño to the west, Arroyo de la Luz and Malpartida de Cáceres to the southeast, Hinojal and Talaván to the north, Monroy to the northeast, Santa Marta de Magasca to the est and Cáceres to the south.

Surface area: 129 sq. km.
Population: 4,770 inhabitants (according to the Town Council Plenary Meeting of March 2001).

More information:

Barriada de la Diputación s/n - 10190 Casar de Cáceres

Teléfono/s: +34 927 29 00 08

Fax: +34 927 29 00 08