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The town of Benavente is situated on a plateau overlooking the extensive meadowlands of the Órbigo and Esla riverbasins, whose waters converge just outside the city limits. Situated at 744 metres above sea level, it is the centre of confluence of two areas differentiated both physically as well as economically, namely the region known as Los Valles or The Valleys (Tera, Polvorosa, Valverne, Vidriales) and the plains of the Tierra de Campos or the Land of Fields.

It is an important intersection of roads linking the centre of Spain with the northwest of the peninsula. Together with these dual carriageways and main roads are to be found other regional and country roads that contribute to making the town an important centre of regional development.

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Plaza Mayor, 1 - 49600 Benavente

Teléfono/s: 980 63 42 11

Fax: 980 63 61 08