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The Borough of Lena, which is located in the central area of the south of Asturias, borders on Mieres to the north, the province of León to the south, Aller to the east and Riosa and Quirós to the west.

It boasts rugged terrain. Peña Ubiña, its highest peak at 2,417m., stands in the Protected Landscape of the same name, a terrain it shares with Quirós. The next highest peaks are El Ceyón (2,035 m.), La Tesa (1,905 m.) and La Boya.

More information:

Marqués de San Feliz, 2 - 33630 La Pola - Lena

Teléfono/s: + 34 985 49 76 08

Fax: + 34 985 49 21 34